Coral pink ombre painted velvet cushion cover, 30 x 40cm, made to order


An opulent, soft hand-painted silk/viscose decorative velvet pillow cover in a soft coral pink ombre velvet.

Soft subtle washes of color are painted onto velvet and then rich deeper pigments are painted to contrast, sometimes blending haphazardly but also beautifully. The fabric is then steamed to fix the color.

It has an overlapped envelope style opening at the back in pale pink velvet.

A long time is spent getting the colors right, mixing them to get just the right shade and then blended into the fabric with a paint-brush. The patinated appearance and subtle irregularities in color vary from cushion to cushion, therefore you know you are getting a totally unique item.

They measure 40cm x 30cm (16” x 12").
You can also order with the pads, but please e-mail first.